Top Strategies for Getting TMs in Pokemon Go

Top Strategies for Getting TMs in Pokemon Go

Are you looking to improve your Pokemon’s move set in Pokemon Go? TMs (Technical Machines) are essential items that allow you to teach your Pokemon new moves or replace existing ones. In this article, we will explore the top strategies for obtaining TMs in the game, helping you enhance your Pokemon’s battling abilities and conquer your opponents in gym battles and raids.

Understanding TMs in Pokemon Go

What are TMs?

In Pokemon Go, TMs, short for Technical Machines, are items that can be used to teach a Pokemon a new Fast or Charged Attack. This allows trainers to customize their Pokemon’s move sets and optimize their battle strategies.

Types of TMs

There are two main types of TMs in Pokemon Go: Fast TMs and Charged TMs. Fast TMs can be used to change a Pokemon’s Fast Attack, while Charged TMs can be used to change a Pokemon’s Charged Attack. Both types of TMs are valuable resources for trainers looking to improve their Pokemon’s battle prowess.

How to obtain TMs

TMs can be obtained in a variety of ways in Pokemon Go. They are often rewarded for completing certain research tasks, participating in raids, or as rewards for achieving certain milestones in the game. Additionally, TMs can sometimes be purchased in the in-game shop. By participating in events and staying active in the game, trainers can accumulate TMs to help improve their Pokemon’s move sets and gain a competitive edge in battles.

Top Strategies for Using TMs

In Pokemon Go, Technical Machines (TMs) are valuable items that allow trainers to change the moves of their Pokemon. To make the most out of TMs, it is important to have a strategic approach. Here are some top strategies for using TMs effectively.

Identifying the right move to change

Before using a TM on a Pokemon, it is crucial to identify which move you want to change. Consider the type advantages and weaknesses of your Pokemon, as well as the moves they currently have. Look for moves that will complement your Pokemon’s strengths and cover its weaknesses. For example, if your Pokemon is weak against a certain type, consider using a TM to teach it a move that can counter that type.

Prioritizing TMs for maximum impact

It is important to prioritize TMs for maximum impact. Focus on using TMs on Pokemon that you frequently use in battles or raids. Look for moves that will improve your Pokemon’s performance in specific situations. For example, if you use a certain Pokemon as a dedicated attacker in raids, consider using TMs to give it moves that are super effective against raid bosses.

Testing out new moves in battles

Once you have used TMs to change moves on your Pokemon, it is essential to test out these new moves in battles. Experiment with different move combinations to see which ones work best for your Pokemon. Pay attention to how the new moves perform in different battle scenarios and adjust accordingly. Testing out new moves will help you understand how to effectively use TMs to maximize your Pokemon’s potential in battles.

By following these top strategies for using TMs in Pokemon Go, you can optimize your Pokemon’s moveset and enhance your battling skills. Remember to carefully consider which moves to change, prioritize TMs for maximum impact, and test out new moves in battles to fine-tune your Pokemon’s performance.

Community Insights on TMs

In the Pokemon Go community, Trainers are always sharing their insights and strategies for obtaining and using TMs effectively. Whether it’s through online forums, social media groups, or in-person meetups, there is a wealth of knowledge available for players looking to improve their TM game.

Tips from experienced players

Experienced players often stress the importance of saving TMs for high-IV Pokemon with optimal movesets. They recommend waiting until you have a Pokemon worth investing in before using a TM, as they are a valuable resource that should not be wasted on mediocre Pokemon.

Common mistakes to avoid when using TMs

One common mistake that players make when using TMs is not researching the best moveset for their Pokemon before using a TM. It’s important to know which moves are ideal for your Pokemon’s type and playstyle to maximize its potential in battles.

Sharing success stories with TMs

Many players have shared their success stories after using TMs to optimize their Pokemon’s movesets. From turning a mediocre Pokemon into a powerhouse to finally achieving that perfect moveset for a favorite Pokemon, TMs have the potential to greatly enhance a Trainer’s gameplay experience. By learning from the experiences of others, players can make the most of their TMs and create a winning team in Pokemon Go.


In conclusion, mastering the art of obtaining TMs in Pokemon Go is essential for any trainer looking to optimize their battle strategies. By utilizing the top strategies outlined in this article, such as participating in raids, completing research tasks, and battling in PvP matches, players can increase their chances of acquiring these valuable items. With TMs at their disposal, trainers can teach their Pokemon powerful and diverse moves, giving them a competitive edge in both battles and raids. So, put these strategies into practice and watch as your Pokemon team reaches new levels of strength and versatility.

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