Tips for Winning Long-Range Engagements with the Triple Take in Apex Legends

Tips for Winning Long-Range Engagements with the Triple Take in Apex Legends

Are you looking to dominate long-range battles in Apex Legends with the Triple Take sniper rifle? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with expert tips and strategies to help you come out on top in those intense long-range engagements. From mastering your aim to positioning yourself strategically, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and elevate your gameplay with the Triple Take!

Understanding the Triple Take Sniper Rifle

The Triple Take is a versatile sniper rifle in Apex Legends that excels in long-range engagements. It is known for its unique triple-barrel design, which allows it to fire three projectiles with each shot. This makes it a powerful weapon for dealing damage at a distance.

Triple Take Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 69 body shot / 138 headshot
  • Fire Rate: 1.25 rounds per second
  • Magazine Size: 5 rounds
  • Reload Time: 3.6 seconds
  • Ammo Type: Energy

Triple Take Attachments

  • Optics: The Triple Take can be equipped with a variety of optics to improve your aim at different ranges. Popular choices include the 2x HCOG Bruiser and the 4x-8x Variable Sniper.
  • Hop-Up: The Precision Choke hop-up can be attached to the Triple Take, allowing you to charge up your shots for increased precision at longer ranges.
  • Stock: Adding a stock to the Triple Take can reduce weapon sway and improve your overall accuracy when aiming down sights.

Overall, mastering the Triple Take in Apex Legends requires a good understanding of its stats and attachments, as well as practice with leading your shots and predicting your opponents’ movements in long-range engagements.

Optimizing your Loadout for Long-Range Engagements

When using the Triple Take in Apex Legends, it’s important to have a loadout that complements this sniper rifle. To optimize your loadout for long-range engagements, consider pairing the Triple Take with weapons that are effective at close to mid-range combat. This will ensure that you are prepared for any situation on the battlefield.

Some recommended weapons to pair with the Triple Take include the R-301 Carbine, the G7 Scout, and the Wingman. These weapons are versatile and can help cover the Triple Take’s weaknesses in close-quarters combat. Additionally, consider carrying a shotgun or SMG as a secondary weapon to handle enemies at close range.

Best Legends to Pair with Triple Take

Certain legends in Apex Legends are better suited to work alongside a player using the Triple Take. Legends with abilities that can provide cover or distract enemies can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the Triple Take in long-range engagements.

Legends like Gibraltar and Bangalore are excellent choices to pair with the Triple Take. Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection can provide cover while you line up your shots, while Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher can create confusion and allow you to reposition for better angles. Pathfinder is another great option, as his Grappling Hook can help you quickly move to high ground for better sniping opportunities.

Ideal Equipment for Triple Take Users

In addition to choosing the right weapons and legends to pair with the Triple Take, it’s important to have the ideal equipment to maximize your effectiveness in long-range engagements.

Consider carrying a sniper stock and extended sniper mag to improve the handling and reload speed of your Triple Take. A sniper scope with variable zoom levels can help you adapt to different ranges and accurately hit your targets. Lastly, don’t forget to carry plenty of shield cells and medkits to keep yourself alive during intense sniper battles.

By optimizing your loadout, choosing the right legends to pair with the Triple Take, and carrying the ideal equipment, you can increase your chances of winning long-range engagements in Apex Legends.

Mastering Long-Range Shooting Techniques

When it comes to winning long-range engagements with the Triple Take in Apex Legends, mastering your shooting techniques is key. This sniper rifle requires precision and skill to be effective, so it’s important to practice and perfect your aim.

Leading Shots at Different Distances

One of the most important skills to master when using the Triple Take is leading your shots at different distances. Since the Triple Take fires a spread of three projectiles, you’ll need to adjust your aim depending on how far away your target is. Practice leading your shots at various distances to ensure you’re hitting your target consistently.

Utilizing the Triple Take’s Choke Feature

The Triple Take has a unique Choke feature that tightens the spread of its projectiles when aiming down sights. This can be incredibly useful for hitting targets at longer ranges. Make sure to take advantage of this feature by aiming down sights whenever you’re engaging in a long-range firefight.

Positioning and Movement Tips

In addition to mastering your shooting techniques, positioning and movement are also crucial when using the Triple Take. Position yourself in high ground or cover to give yourself a clear line of sight on your targets. Use your movement abilities to strafe and dodge enemy fire while lining up your shots. Remember, staying mobile and unpredictable can make you a harder target to hit.

By mastering these long-range shooting techniques, leading your shots at different distances, utilizing the Triple Take’s Choke feature, and positioning yourself effectively, you’ll be well on your way to dominating long-range engagements in Apex Legends.


In conclusion, mastering the Triple Take in Apex Legends can give you a significant advantage in long-range engagements. By following the tips provided in this article, such as leading your shots, aiming for the upper chest, and utilizing your mobility, you can increase your chances of coming out on top in sniper battles. Practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Keep honing your skills with the Triple Take and soon enough you’ll be dominating the battlefield from afar. Good luck out there, Legends!

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