Tips for Evolving Kirlia into Gardevoir in Pokemon Go

Tips for Evolving Kirlia into Gardevoir in Pokemon Go

Are you a Pokemon Go player looking to evolve your Kirlia into Gardevoir? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and strategies to help you successfully evolve your Kirlia into the elegant Gardevoir. From catching the right Pokemon to maximizing your resources, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and level up your gameplay!

Understanding Kirlia and Gardevoir

Kirlia’s evolution line in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Kirlia is a Psychic/Fairy type Pokemon that evolves from Ralts. To evolve Kirlia into Gardevoir, you will need 100 Ralts candies. Kirlia can also evolve into Gallade if you use a Sinnoh Stone while evolving. It is important to note that the gender of Kirlia will determine whether it evolves into Gardevoir or Gallade.

Gardevoir’s strengths and weaknesses

Gardevoir is a strong Psychic/Fairy type Pokemon with a high Special Attack stat. It has access to powerful moves like Psychic, Moonblast, and Dazzling Gleam. Gardevoir’s Fairy typing gives it an advantage against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark type Pokemon. However, it is weak to Poison and Steel type moves. Gardevoir’s ability to Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir further boosts its stats and makes it a formidable opponent in battles.

Finding Kirlia in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Kirlia is a rare Psychic/Fairy type Pokemon that evolves from Ralts and evolves into Gardevoir. Finding Kirlia can be a challenging task, but with the right strategy, you can increase your chances of encountering this elusive Pokemon.

Locations where Kirlia spawns

Kirlia can typically be found in areas with high concentrations of Psychic or Fairy type Pokemon. Some players have reported encountering Kirlia in urban areas such as parks, shopping centers, and near landmarks. Additionally, Kirlia has been known to spawn near bodies of water, so checking out locations near rivers, lakes, or oceans may also increase your chances of finding Kirlia.

Best times to encounter Kirlia

While Kirlia can potentially spawn at any time of day, some players have reported higher encounter rates during specific times. Many trainers have had success finding Kirlia in the early morning or late evening hours when there is less competition from other players. Additionally, some players have reported increased Kirlia spawns during certain in-game events or community days, so be sure to stay updated on any upcoming events that may increase your chances of encountering Kirlia.

Tips for Evolving Kirlia into Gardevoir

Evolving Kirlia into Gardevoir in Pokemon Go can be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you successfully evolve your Kirlia into a powerful Gardevoir.

Collecting enough Kirlia candies

One of the first steps in evolving Kirlia into Gardevoir is to collect enough Kirlia candies. You can do this by catching wild Kirlia, hatching Kirlia from eggs, or transferring other Pokemon to Professor Willow in exchange for Kirlia candies. Make sure to save up enough candies before attempting to evolve your Kirlia.

Using evolution items efficiently

In some cases, evolving Kirlia into Gardevoir may require the use of evolution items such as a Sinnoh Stone. Make sure to use these items efficiently by waiting until you have a Kirlia with high IVs or a strong moveset before using the evolution item. This will help ensure that your Gardevoir is as powerful as possible.

Strategies for evolving a strong Gardevoir

When evolving Kirlia into Gardevoir, consider using strategies that will result in a strong and powerful Pokemon. This may include evolving a Kirlia with high IVs, teaching your Gardevoir powerful moves such as Dazzling Gleam or Psychic, and powering up your Gardevoir through battles and raids. By following these strategies, you can evolve a Gardevoir that is ready to take on any opponent in Pokemon Go.


In conclusion, evolving Kirlia into Gardevoir in Pokemon Go can be a rewarding experience for any player. By following the tips mentioned in this article, such as maximizing Kirlia’s CP, using the right evolution items, and understanding the evolution mechanics, players can easily add this powerful and elegant Pokemon to their collection. With Gardevoir’s impressive stats and versatile movepool, it is sure to become a valuable asset in battles and raids. So, if you have a Kirlia ready to evolve, don’t hesitate to follow these tips and watch as it transforms into the majestic Gardevoir.

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