The Ultimate Guide to Evolving Houndoom in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Ultimate Guide to Evolving Houndoom in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Are you a Pokemon Sword and Shield player looking to evolve your Houndour into a powerful Houndoom? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to evolve your Houndour into a formidable Houndoom, including the best strategies, tips, and tricks to make the evolution process smooth and efficient. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokemon trainer or a newcomer to the world of Pokemon, this guide has everything you need to know to evolve your Houndour into a Houndoom in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let’s dive in!

Evolving Houndoom in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Obtaining Houndour

To evolve Houndoom in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you first need to obtain its pre-evolution, Houndour. Houndour can be found in various locations in the game, such as the Wild Area or through Max Raid Battles. Keep an eye out for Houndour in these areas and capture it to begin your journey towards evolving it into Houndoom.

Leveling up Houndour

Once you have captured Houndour, the next step is to level it up. You can do this by battling with Houndour in the wild or in Pokemon battles against other trainers. As you battle and earn experience points, Houndour will level up and grow stronger. Make sure to give Houndour plenty of opportunities to battle and gain experience to speed up the evolution process.

Evolution into Houndoom

After you have leveled up Houndour sufficiently, it will evolve into Houndoom. The evolution process usually occurs at a specific level, so keep an eye on Houndour’s level and be prepared for the evolution to happen. Once Houndour evolves into Houndoom, you will have a powerful Fire/Dark-type Pokemon at your disposal to use in battles and competitions in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Houndoom’s Stats and Abilities

Base stats

Houndoom has a base stat total of 500, with 75 HP, 90 Attack, 50 Defense, 110 Special Attack, 80 Special Defense, and 95 Speed.

Ability options

Houndoom has two possible abilities: Early Bird, which allows it to wake up from sleep status more quickly, and Flash Fire, which boosts its Fire-type moves when hit by a Fire-type attack.


Houndoom has a diverse movepool that includes Fire-type moves like Flamethrower and Fire Blast, Dark-type moves like Dark Pulse and Crunch, and coverage moves like Sludge Bomb and Solar Beam. It can also learn status moves like Nasty Plot and Will-O-Wisp to support its team.

Training and Battling with Houndoom

Houndoom is a powerful Fire/Dark type Pokemon that can be a valuable asset in battles. When training Houndoom, it is important to focus on maximizing its offensive and speed stats. Investing EVs in Special Attack and Speed will allow Houndoom to hit hard and outspeed opponents.

Recommended EV spread

For a competitive Houndoom, a recommended EV spread would be 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, and 4 HP. This will maximize Houndoom’s offensive capabilities while also ensuring it can outspeed most opponents.

Best moveset for competitive play

  • Flamethrower: A powerful STAB move that can deal heavy damage to opponents.
  • Dark Pulse: Another STAB move that can hit Ghost and Psychic types super effectively.
  • Nasty Plot: A setup move that boosts Houndoom’s Special Attack, making it even more threatening.
  • Sludge Bomb: Provides coverage against Fairy type Pokemon that resist Houndoom’s Fire and Dark moves.

Strategies for using Houndoom effectively

One effective strategy for using Houndoom is to lead with it and set up with Nasty Plot to boost its Special Attack. From there, Houndoom can sweep through the opponent’s team with its powerful STAB moves.

Another strategy is to pair Houndoom with Pokemon that can cover its weaknesses, such as Water or Fighting types. This will help Houndoom stay on the field longer and continue to deal damage to the opponent.

Overall, Houndoom is a versatile and powerful Pokemon that can be a valuable addition to any competitive team. By training it properly, giving it the right EV spread, and using it in conjunction with other Pokemon effectively, Houndoom can be a force to be reckoned with in battles.

The process of evolving Houndoom in Pokemon Sword and Shield may seem daunting at first, but with this ultimate guide, trainers can easily navigate through the steps and achieve their goal of obtaining this powerful Fire/Dark-type Pokemon. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, trainers can now confidently embark on their journey to evolve their Houndour into Houndoom and unlock its full potential in battles. So gear up, trainers, and get ready to train your Houndoom to be a formidable force in the world of Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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