Terraria Tips: Farming the Coin Gun

Terraria Tips: Farming the Coin Gun

Are you looking to maximize your coin production in Terraria? Look no further than the Coin Gun! This powerful weapon allows you to shoot coins at your enemies, dealing massive damage. In this article, we will provide you with expert tips on how to efficiently farm the Coin Gun in Terraria. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, these strategies will help you acquire this rare and valuable weapon in no time.

Understanding the Coin Gun

1.1 How to obtain the Coin Gun

To obtain the Coin Gun in Terraria, players must farm for it by defeating the Pirate Invasion event. The Coin Gun has a 1 in 8000 (0.0125%) chance of dropping from Pirate Captain enemies during this event. It is a rare and coveted weapon due to its unique mechanic of dealing damage based on the coins in the player’s inventory.

1.2 Coin Gun mechanics

The Coin Gun is a ranged weapon that uses coins as ammunition. The damage dealt by the Coin Gun is based on the value of the coin being used as ammo. For example, using Platinum Coins as ammo will result in higher damage output compared to using Copper Coins. The Coin Gun also has a fast firing rate, making it a powerful weapon in the right hands.

1.3 Best strategies for using the Coin Gun

  • Stock up on high-value coins: To maximize the damage output of the Coin Gun, players should collect and hoard high-value coins such as Platinum or Gold Coins.
  • Pair with Coin generation accessories: Equipping accessories that increase the player’s coin generation rate can be beneficial when using the Coin Gun. This will ensure a steady supply of ammo for sustained damage output.
  • Use in boss fights: The Coin Gun’s high damage potential makes it an excellent choice for boss fights where every bit of damage counts. Players should aim carefully and time their shots for maximum impact.
  • Experiment with different coin types: Players can experiment with different coin types to find the ammo that works best for their playstyle. Some coins may have additional effects or properties that can enhance the Coin Gun’s performance.

    Setting up a Farm for the Coin Gun

Farming for the Coin Gun in Terraria can be a time-consuming process, but with the right setup, you can increase your chances of obtaining this rare weapon. Here are some tips on setting up a farm for the Coin Gun:

Choosing the right location

When setting up your Coin Gun farm, it’s important to choose a suitable location. Look for a spot that is spacious and has easy access to the surface, as you’ll need to attract enemies to drop the necessary coins. Consider building your farm near a spawn point or in a biome where enemies frequently spawn.

Designing an efficient farm layout

To maximize your chances of obtaining the Coin Gun, design an efficient farm layout that allows for easy enemy spawning and collection of dropped coins. Create platforms or tunnels for enemies to navigate through, and use traps or weapons to eliminate them quickly. Consider using walls or barriers to guide enemies towards a central collection point where you can easily gather the dropped coins.

Maintaining and optimizing your Coin Gun farm

Once you have set up your Coin Gun farm, it’s important to maintain and optimize it for maximum efficiency. Regularly clear out any obstacles or debris that may hinder enemy spawning, and adjust your farm layout as needed to improve enemy flow. Experiment with different strategies and techniques to optimize your farm for increased coin drop rates and chances of obtaining the elusive Coin Gun.

3. Maximizing Coin Gun Efficiency

3.1 Upgrading your Coin Gun

To maximize the efficiency of your Coin Gun, consider upgrading it to the Unreal modifier. This modifier increases damage output significantly, allowing you to farm coins more quickly. Additionally, you can reforge your Coin Gun at the Goblin Tinkerer to get the best modifier for your playstyle.

3.2 Using accessories and buffs effectively

Equip accessories such as the Lucky Coin and the Gold Ring to increase your chances of getting coins from enemies. Additionally, use buffs like the Battle Potion and the Flask of Gold to boost your damage output and increase the amount of coins dropped by enemies.

3.3 Tips for farming coins efficiently

  • Focus on farming enemies that drop a high amount of coins, such as Pirates and Mimics.
  • Use a Battle Potion and Flask of Gold to increase your chances of getting coins from enemies.
  • Set up a farm with platforms and traps to easily kill enemies and collect coins.
  • Consider using a minion or sentry to help you farm coins more efficiently.
  • Use the Slime Staff to summon minions that can help you kill enemies and collect coins.


In conclusion, farming the Coin Gun in Terraria can be a challenging but rewarding task. By following the tips outlined in this article, players can increase their chances of obtaining this valuable weapon and maximizing their in-game currency. Whether it’s defeating Pirate Invasions, using the Lucky Coin accessory, or utilizing the Coin Gun itself to farm coins, players have a variety of strategies at their disposal. With patience and perseverance, any Terraria player can add the Coin Gun to their arsenal and enjoy the benefits it brings to their gameplay experience.

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