Step-by-Step Guide to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Are you ready to catch the elusive Mewtwo in Pokemon Go? Look no further! This comprehensive step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of finding and capturing this powerful Psychic-type Pokemon. From tips on locating Mewtwo’s raid battles to strategies for increasing your chances of catching it, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add Mewtwo to your collection – follow this guide and become a Pokemon master!

Step 1: Complete the Special Research Task

To begin your journey to getting Mewtwo in Pokemon Go, you must first complete a Special Research Task. These tasks are often given by Professor Willow and involve a series of objectives that you need to complete in order to progress.

Choose the right Special Research Task

Not all Special Research Tasks will lead you to Mewtwo. Make sure you choose the one that specifically mentions Mewtwo as a reward. This will ensure that you are on the right path to encountering this powerful Psychic-type Pokemon.

Complete the tasks to unlock Mewtwo encounter

Once you have chosen the correct Special Research Task, it’s time to start completing the tasks. These tasks may involve catching certain types of Pokemon, spinning PokeStops, or participating in raids. By completing all the tasks, you will eventually unlock the Mewtwo encounter and have the chance to catch this legendary Pokemon.

Step 2: Participate in EX Raids

Receive an EX Raid Pass

To have the opportunity to catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Go, players must first receive an EX Raid Pass. These passes are given out to trainers who have completed a certain number of raids at specific EX Raid eligible gyms.

Attend the EX Raid Battle

Once you have received your EX Raid Pass, it’s time to attend the scheduled EX Raid Battle. Make sure to arrive on time and be prepared with a strong team of Pokemon to take on Mewtwo.

Defeat Mewtwo to have a chance to catch it

During the EX Raid Battle, trainers will work together to defeat Mewtwo. It’s important to coordinate with your fellow players and use effective strategies to take down this powerful Legendary Pokemon. Once Mewtwo is defeated, players will have the opportunity to try to catch it using Premier Balls. Good luck!

Step 3: Use Raid Passes for Mewtwo Raids

Once you have completed the necessary tasks and have received an invitation to a Mewtwo Raid Battle, it’s time to use your Raid Passes. Raid Passes are required to participate in Raid Battles, including those featuring Mewtwo. Make sure you have enough Raid Passes in your inventory before attempting to battle Mewtwo.

Find Mewtwo Raid Battles

Mewtwo Raid Battles can be found at Gyms throughout the game. Keep an eye out for Gyms with a Mewtwo Raid Boss egg above them. These eggs have a countdown timer, indicating when the Raid Battle will begin. Be sure to arrive at the Gym before the timer runs out to participate in the Mewtwo Raid Battle.

Gather a group of trainers to defeat Mewtwo

Mewtwo is a powerful Legendary Pokemon, so it’s recommended to gather a group of trainers to help you defeat it. Coordinate with other players in your area or use social media platforms to find and join Raid groups. Working together with other trainers will increase your chances of successfully defeating Mewtwo and catching it.

Increase your chances of catching Mewtwo with Golden Razz Berries

After successfully defeating Mewtwo in the Raid Battle, you’ll have the opportunity to catch it. To increase your chances of catching Mewtwo, consider using Golden Razz Berries when attempting to capture it. Golden Razz Berries have a higher catch rate than regular Razz Berries and can help you secure Mewtwo as part of your Pokemon collection.


In conclusion, obtaining Mewtwo in Pokemon Go may seem like a daunting task, but with the right strategy and persistence, it is definitely achievable. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, trainers can increase their chances of encountering and catching this legendary Pokemon. Remember to be patient, utilize raid passes wisely, and coordinate with other trainers to maximize your chances of success. So, go out there, put in the effort, and add Mewtwo to your Pokemon collection!

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