Rocket League Tips for Faster Wall Clears

Rocket League Tips for Faster Wall Clears

Are you looking to improve your wall clears in Rocket League? Mastering this skill can give you a significant advantage on the field. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and strategies to help you clear the ball off the wall quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, these tips will help you elevate your game and become a more formidable opponent. Read on to learn how to dominate the walls in Rocket League.

Positioning for Successful Wall Clears

1.1 Properly positioning your car

When attempting to clear the ball off the wall in Rocket League, it is important to position your car in a way that allows for a clean hit. Make sure to approach the wall at the correct angle and distance to ensure that you can make solid contact with the ball.

1.2 Utilizing camera settings for better visibility

Adjusting your camera settings can greatly improve your ability to see the ball and anticipate its trajectory when attempting wall clears. Experiment with different camera settings to find what works best for you and allows for better visibility while playing.

1.3 Reading the trajectory of the ball

To successfully clear the ball off the wall, it is crucial to be able to read the trajectory of the ball as it bounces off the wall. Anticipating where the ball will go after hitting the wall will allow you to position yourself in the best possible spot to make a successful clear. Practice reading the ball’s trajectory in training modes to improve your skills in this area.

2. Timing and Execution of Wall Clears

When it comes to executing fast and efficient wall clears in Rocket League, timing is crucial. Here are some tips to help improve your timing and execution:

2.1 Timing your jump off the wall

Timing your jump off the wall is key to successfully clearing the ball. Wait until the ball is at the right height before jumping off the wall to make contact. This will ensure that you have the best angle and power to clear the ball effectively.

2.2 Using dodge flips for added power

Once you’ve jumped off the wall, using dodge flips can add extra power to your clear. By flipping into the ball, you can generate more speed and momentum, making it more difficult for your opponents to intercept the clear. Practice timing your dodge flips to maximize the power of your clears.

2.3 Adjusting your car mid-air for accurate clears

As you make contact with the ball mid-air, it’s important to adjust your car’s position to ensure an accurate clear. Use your boost to make small adjustments and angle your car properly to direct the ball where you want it to go. By mastering the art of mid-air car control, you can consistently make precise clears off the wall.

3. Practice Drills to Improve Wall Clearing Skills

3.1 Wall clear training packs

One of the best ways to improve your wall clearing skills in Rocket League is to utilize training packs specifically designed for this purpose. These packs will present you with various scenarios where you need to clear the ball off the wall quickly and accurately. By practicing these drills consistently, you will develop the muscle memory and timing needed to execute successful wall clears in-game.

3.2 Custom training routines for consistency

In addition to using training packs, creating custom training routines focused on wall clears can also help improve your skills. Set up drills where you practice hitting the ball off the wall at different angles and speeds, challenging yourself to make clean and powerful clears every time. Consistency is key when it comes to wall clears, so make sure to dedicate time to practicing this skill regularly.

3.3 Incorporating wall clears into free play sessions

Finally, one of the most effective ways to improve your wall clearing skills is to incorporate them into your free play sessions. Instead of solely focusing on aerials or ground plays, make it a point to practice wall clears during your free play time. Experiment with different approaches and techniques, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The more you practice wall clears in a game-like setting, the more comfortable and confident you will become when executing them in actual matches.


In conclusion, mastering the art of faster wall clears in Rocket League can greatly improve your gameplay and give you a competitive edge. By practicing proper positioning, timing your jumps correctly, and using boost strategically, you can effectively clear the ball off the wall and transition into a successful offensive or defensive play. Remember to keep practicing and experimenting with different techniques to find what works best for you. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll soon be dominating the pitch with your fast and efficient wall clears.

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