Rocket League Tips for Faster Side Wall Clears

Rocket League Tips for Faster Side Wall Clears

If you’re looking to improve your gameplay in Rocket League and master the art of side wall clears, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with expert tips and strategies to help you execute faster side wall clears with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these tips will take your game to the next level and help you dominate the competition on the field.

Tip 1: Positioning for Side Wall Clears

Understanding the proper positioning on the side wall

When attempting side wall clears in Rocket League, it is crucial to position yourself correctly on the side wall. This means aligning your car parallel to the wall and being ready to make contact with the ball as it approaches. By positioning yourself correctly, you can maximize your chances of successfully clearing the ball downfield.

Utilizing the camera angle for better visibility

Another key aspect of positioning for side wall clears is utilizing the camera angle to your advantage. By adjusting the camera settings to give yourself a better view of the field and the incoming ball, you can react more quickly and accurately to make the clear. Experiment with different camera settings to find the one that works best for you in these situations.

Anticipating the ball’s trajectory for quicker clears

In addition to proper positioning and camera angle, anticipating the ball’s trajectory is essential for faster side wall clears. By reading the trajectory of the ball as it bounces off the wall or is played by an opponent, you can position yourself in the optimal spot to make a quick and effective clear. This anticipation will give you a split-second advantage over your opponents and help you maintain possession or set up a scoring opportunity for your team.

Tip 2: Timing and Execution

Timing the jump for maximum power

In Rocket League, timing is crucial when attempting side wall clears. To achieve maximum power, make sure to jump off the wall just as the ball is approaching your car. This will allow you to meet the ball at the perfect angle for a strong clear.

Using boost efficiently for faster clears

Boost management is key when it comes to executing faster side wall clears. Make sure to conserve your boost until the moment you need it most – right before making contact with the ball. This will give you the extra speed and power necessary to send the ball flying downfield.

Executing the clear with precision and control

When executing a side wall clear, it’s important to focus on precision and control. Aim to make contact with the center of the ball using the front of your car. This will give you the most accurate and powerful clear, allowing your team to maintain possession and apply pressure on the opposing team. Practice makes perfect, so spend time honing your timing and execution to become a master of side wall clears in Rocket League.

Tip 3: Communication and Teamwork

Communicating with teammates for coordinated clears

Effective communication is key in Rocket League, especially when it comes to side wall clears. Make sure to let your teammates know when you are going for a clear so they can adjust their positioning accordingly. Use quick chat commands or voice chat to communicate your intentions and coordinate your clears for maximum efficiency.

Rotating back post for defensive coverage

When going for side wall clears, it’s important to rotate back post for defensive coverage. This means positioning yourself on the side of the field opposite to where the ball is, allowing your teammates to take the clear while you are ready to defend against any counter-attacks. By rotating back post, you can maintain a solid defensive structure and prevent easy goals from your opponents.

Setting up passes for faster counter-attacks

In addition to clearing the ball from the side wall, look for opportunities to set up passes for faster counter-attacks. Instead of just hitting the ball aimlessly downfield, try to pass to a teammate who is in a better position to make a play. This can catch your opponents off guard and lead to quick scoring opportunities. Communication is key here, so make sure to let your teammates know when you are looking to set up a pass for a counter-attack.


In conclusion, mastering side wall clears in Rocket League can be a game changer for your gameplay. By utilizing the tips and techniques mentioned in this article, such as positioning yourself correctly, timing your jumps accurately, and using boost effectively, you can improve your ability to clear the ball from the side walls with speed and precision. Practice is key to perfecting this skill, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come easily at first. Keep honing your abilities, and soon you’ll be dominating the field with your fast side wall clears. Good luck!

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