Proven Ways to Get Alolan Marowak in Pokemon Go

Proven Ways to Get Alolan Marowak in Pokemon Go

Are you a Pokemon Go player looking to add Alolan Marowak to your collection? Look no further! In this article, we will discuss the proven methods to obtain this unique and powerful Pokemon in the popular mobile game. From hatching eggs to completing research tasks, we will cover all the strategies you need to know to catch Alolan Marowak. Keep reading to become a Pokemon master!

1. Catch Cubone and evolve it into Alolan Marowak

1.1 Find and catch Cubone

To begin your journey towards obtaining Alolan Marowak in Pokemon Go, you first need to find and catch Cubone. Cubone is a Ground-type Pokemon that can typically be found in various locations such as parks, residential areas, and near landmarks. Keep an eye out for Cubone on your map and make sure to capture it when you come across one.

1.2 Collect enough Cubone candies

After catching Cubone, the next step is to collect enough Cubone candies to evolve it into Alolan Marowak. You can earn candies by catching more Cubone, transferring them to Professor Willow, or by participating in special in-game events. Make sure to stock up on Cubone candies before proceeding to the next step.

1.3 Evolve Cubone into Alolan Marowak

Once you have gathered a sufficient amount of Cubone candies, you can proceed to evolve Cubone into Alolan Marowak. To do this, simply select Cubone from your Pokemon collection, tap on the "Evolve" button, and watch as Cubone transforms into the powerful Alolan Marowak. Congratulations, you have successfully obtained Alolan Marowak in Pokemon Go!

2. Participate in Alolan Marowak Raid Battles

2.1 Locate Alolan Marowak Raid Battles

To participate in Alolan Marowak Raid Battles, you first need to locate where these raids are taking place. Keep an eye out for nearby Gyms that have a Raid Egg on top of them, which indicates that a Raid Battle will soon begin. You can also use the in-game Raid Map feature to find specific locations where Alolan Marowak Raids are happening.

2.2 Join Raid Battles with friends

Raid Battles are more fun and easier to win when you team up with other trainers. Coordinate with your friends or other players in your area to join the same Raid Battle. You can also use social media platforms or online forums to find Raid groups in your area and join them for Alolan Marowak Raids.

2.3 Defeat Alolan Marowak in Raid Battles

Once you have located a Raid Battle featuring Alolan Marowak and have assembled your team, it’s time to defeat the powerful Ghost and Fire-type Pokémon. Make sure to use Pokémon with strong Water, Rock, Ghost, or Dark-type moves to counter Alolan Marowak’s weaknesses. Work together with your teammates to deplete its health and catch it once you have successfully defeated it in the Raid Battle.

3. Trade with other players

Trading with other players is another effective way to obtain Alolan Marowak in Pokemon Go. Here’s how you can do it:

3.1 Find players willing to trade Alolan Marowak

The first step is to find players who are willing to trade their Alolan Marowak. You can do this by joining local Pokemon Go communities, such as Facebook groups or Discord servers, where players often post about the Pokemon they are looking to trade.

3.2 Offer desirable Pokemon for trade

Once you have found a player willing to trade Alolan Marowak, you will need to offer them a desirable Pokemon in return. Make sure to have a variety of Pokemon available for trade, including rare or exclusive ones that the other player may be interested in.

3.3 Complete the trade to obtain Alolan Marowak

After agreeing on the terms of the trade, you can complete the trade to obtain Alolan Marowak. Make sure to follow the in-game trading rules and ensure that both players receive their desired Pokemon in the exchange. Trading with other players can be a fun and social way to expand your Pokemon collection in Pokemon Go.


In conclusion, there are several proven ways to obtain Alolan Marowak in Pokemon Go. By completing field research tasks, participating in raid battles, and hatching Alolan Eggs, trainers can increase their chances of adding this unique and powerful Pokemon to their collection. With a combination of patience, perseverance, and strategic gameplay, Alolan Marowak can soon become a valuable asset in any trainer’s lineup. So, get out there, explore, and catch ’em all!

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