Numel Evolution: A Complete Walkthrough

Numel Evolution: A Complete Walkthrough

Are you looking to level up your Numel in Pokemon Go? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Numel evolution, including its evolution stages, best movesets, and tips for maximizing its potential in battles. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting out, this walkthrough will help you become a Numel evolution expert in no time.

Numel Evolution Overview

In the world of Pokemon, Numel is a fire and ground type Pokemon that evolves into Camerupt. This evolution line is known for its powerful fire attacks and rugged appearance. In this guide, we will provide a complete walkthrough of Numel’s evolution process.

Numel Basic Information

Numel is a small, quadrupedal Pokemon with a camel-like appearance. It has a hump on its back that stores magma, which it uses to fuel its fire attacks. Numel is known for its resilience and strength, making it a valuable addition to any trainer’s team.

Numel Evolution Stages

Numel evolves into Camerupt at level 33. Camerupt is a larger, more powerful version of Numel with increased stats and a more intimidating appearance. This evolution is a significant milestone for Numel trainers, as Camerupt is a formidable force in battles.

Numel Evolution Requirements

In order to evolve Numel into Camerupt, trainers must ensure that Numel reaches level 33. This can be achieved through battling, training, and gaining experience points. Additionally, having a strong bond with Numel and providing it with proper care and attention can speed up the evolution process.

Overall, Numel’s evolution into Camerupt is a rewarding experience for trainers, as it unlocks new abilities and strengths for their Pokemon team. By following this walkthrough, trainers can ensure that their Numel evolves successfully and becomes a powerful Camerupt.

Numel Evolution Stage 1

Numel is a Fire/Ground type Pokémon that evolves into Camerupt. This evolution process involves reaching a certain level and learning specific moves. Let’s dive into the details of Numel’s evolution and what to expect when it evolves into Camerupt.

Numel to Camerupt

When Numel reaches level 33, it evolves into Camerupt. This evolution results in a significant increase in stats and abilities, making Camerupt a formidable force in battles. Camerupt retains the Fire/Ground typing and gains access to more powerful moves.

Level Up Evolution

The evolution of Numel into Camerupt is a level up evolution, which means that you simply need to reach the required level for Numel to evolve. By leveling up your Numel and meeting the level 33 threshold, you can trigger the evolution process and obtain a Camerupt.

Abilities and Moves

Camerupt comes with a variety of abilities and moves that make it a versatile and powerful Pokémon. Some of the abilities that Camerupt possesses include Magma Armor, Solid Rock, and Anger Point. These abilities can be strategically used in battles to gain an advantage over opponents.

In terms of moves, Camerupt can learn a wide range of Fire and Ground type moves such as Earthquake, Eruption, Flamethrower, and Lava Plume. These moves can be used to deal massive damage to opponents and control the battlefield effectively.

Overall, the evolution of Numel into Camerupt is a crucial step in building a strong and competitive team. With its powerful abilities and moves, Camerupt can be a valuable asset in battles and help you achieve victory in your Pokémon journey.

Numel Evolution Stage 2

After reaching level 33, Numel evolves into Camerupt, the next stage of its evolution. Camerupt is a powerful Fire and Ground type Pokémon known for its high attack and special attack stats. It has a unique design with a volcano-like hump on its back that erupts when it is angered.

Camerupt Mega Evolution

Camerupt has a Mega Evolution form that further boosts its stats and abilities. When holding the Cameruptite Mega Stone and during battle, Camerupt can Mega Evolve into Mega Camerupt. This form enhances its already impressive attack and special attack stats, making it a formidable opponent in battles.

Mega Stone Requirement

In order to access Camerupt’s Mega Evolution, a trainer must have the Cameruptite Mega Stone in their inventory. This stone is essential for triggering the Mega Evolution process during battles. It can be found in specific locations in the game or obtained through in-game events and trades.

New Abilities and Moves

Upon Mega Evolving, Camerupt gains access to new abilities and moves that further enhance its battle prowess. Some of these abilities include Sheer Force and Solid Rock, which increase its offensive and defensive capabilities respectively. Additionally, Mega Camerupt learns powerful moves like Eruption and Earth Power, which can deal massive damage to its opponents.

Overall, Camerupt’s evolution into Mega Camerupt opens up new strategic possibilities for trainers looking to maximize their team’s potential in battles.


In conclusion, the evolution of Numel is a fascinating journey that showcases the power of adaptation and growth in the world of Pokémon. From its humble beginnings as a small and timid creature, Numel transforms into a powerful and majestic beast known as Camerupt. By following this complete walkthrough, trainers can ensure that their Numel reaches its full potential and becomes a valuable asset in battles. So, go out there and embark on this exciting adventure with your Numel, and witness firsthand the incredible evolution that awaits!

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