Mastering the Evolution of Sableye in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Mastering the Evolution of Sableye in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Are you looking to level up your gameplay in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Look no further than mastering the evolution of Sableye. This ghost and dark-type Pokemon has some unique evolution mechanics that can give you an edge in battles. In this article, we will explore the evolution process of Sableye and provide tips on how to optimize its abilities for maximum effectiveness in your team. Let’s dive in and become a Sableye master in no time!

Overview of Sableye in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sableye is a Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon known for its mischievous nature and unique design. It is a fan-favorite among trainers for its strategic battling capabilities and interesting moveset.

Sableye’s base stats and abilities

Sableye has a base stat total of 380, with a focus on defense and special defense. Its abilities, Keen Eye and Stall, make it a versatile Pokemon in battles. Keen Eye prevents its accuracy from being lowered, while Stall allows Sableye to move last in battle, potentially giving it an advantage.

Sableye’s typing and weaknesses

As a Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon, Sableye is weak against Fairy-type moves and immune to Normal and Fighting-type moves. Its typing gives it an advantage against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokemon, making it a valuable addition to any team.

How to obtain Sableye in the game

Sableye can be found in the wild in the Haina Desert on Ula’ula Island in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It can also be obtained through trading with other players or by breeding a compatible Pokemon with a Ditto. Sableye is a rare and sought-after Pokemon, so be sure to add it to your collection when you have the chance.

Best Moveset for Sableye in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Sableye is a unique Dark/Ghost type Pokemon that can be a valuable addition to your team in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. To make the most out of Sableye’s abilities, it’s important to choose the best moveset for this mischievous Pokemon.

Recommended moves for Sableye

  1. Foul Play: This Dark type move takes advantage of the opponent’s Attack stat, making it a powerful choice for Sableye.
  2. Shadow Sneak: As a Ghost type move with increased priority, Shadow Sneak allows Sableye to strike first and deal damage.
  3. Will-O-Wisp: Inflicting a burn status on the opponent can cripple physical attackers and reduce their damage output.
  4. Recover: To ensure Sableye’s longevity in battles, Recover is essential for restoring its HP.

Strategies for using Sableye in battles

When using Sableye in battles, it’s important to take advantage of its Prankster ability, which gives priority to non-attacking moves. Start by using Will-O-Wisp to cripple physical attackers, then follow up with Foul Play or Shadow Sneak to deal damage. Recover can be used to heal Sableye when its HP is low, allowing it to stay in battle longer.

Potential teammates for Sableye

Sableye’s unique typing and abilities make it a versatile Pokemon that can fit well on a variety of team compositions. Consider pairing Sableye with Pokemon that can cover its weaknesses, such as Fairy or Fighting types. Pokemon that benefit from Sableye’s support moves, like setup sweepers or wallbreakers, can also make great teammates. Additionally, Pokemon that can set up entry hazards or provide Sableye with additional defensive support can help it thrive in battles.

Competitive Analysis of Sableye in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Sableye’s role in competitive play

Sableye is a versatile Pokemon that can play multiple roles in competitive battles. Its access to Prankster ability allows it to use non-attacking moves with increased priority, making it a valuable support Pokemon. Sableye can set up entry hazards like Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes, cripple opponents with moves like Taunt and Will-O-Wisp, and disrupt enemy strategies with moves like Foul Play and Knock Off.

Popular Sableye builds in the meta

One popular Sableye build in the current meta is the "Prankster Support" set. This set focuses on using Sableye’s Prankster ability to disrupt opponents and provide support for its teammates. Moves like Taunt, Will-O-Wisp, Recover, and Foul Play are commonly seen on this set. Another popular build is the "Mega Sableye Stall" set, which takes advantage of Mega Sableye’s Magic Bounce ability to reflect status moves and entry hazards back at the opponent.

Counters to Sableye

Despite its versatility, Sableye does have some weaknesses that can be exploited by skilled opponents. Pokemon with strong special attacks, like Mega Alakazam and Tapu Lele, can break through Sableye’s defenses. Pokemon with Mold Breaker ability, like Excadrill and Haxorus, can bypass Sableye’s Prankster ability and hit it with super effective moves. Additionally, Pokemon with Taunt immunity, like Tornadus and Whimsicott, can prevent Sableye from using its support moves effectively.


In conclusion, mastering the evolution of Sableye in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon requires a combination of strategic planning, patience, and dedication. By following the tips and techniques outlined in this article, trainers can ensure that their Sableye evolves into its powerful Mega form, Mega Sableye. With its unique typing, abilities, and movepool, Mega Sableye can be a valuable asset in battles and competitions. So, put in the effort to train and evolve your Sableye to unlock its full potential and dominate the Pokemon world!

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