How to Evolve Jangmo-o in Pokemon Sun and Moon

How to Evolve Jangmo-o in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Are you struggling to evolve your Jangmo-o in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Look no further! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps you need to take to evolve your Jangmo-o into its powerful final form. From leveling up to learning specific moves, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need to successfully evolve your Jangmo-o. Keep reading to become a Pokemon evolution master!

Steps to evolve Jangmo-o

Jangmo-o is a Dragon-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. To evolve Jangmo-o into its final form, Kommo-o, you need to follow these steps:

Leveling up Jangmo-o to Hakamo-o

  1. Battle and Gain Experience: The first step is to battle with Jangmo-o and gain experience points. You can do this by participating in battles against other Pokemon trainers or wild Pokemon in the Alola region.

  2. Level Up to Level 35: Jangmo-o will evolve into Hakamo-o once it reaches level 35. Make sure to keep training and leveling up Jangmo-o to reach this milestone.

Leveling up Hakamo-o to Kommo-o

  1. Continue Battling and Gaining Experience: After evolving Jangmo-o into Hakamo-o, you need to continue battling and gaining experience points to level up Hakamo-o further.

  2. Level Up to Level 45: Hakamo-o will evolve into Kommo-o once it reaches level 45. This is the final evolution of the Jangmo-o evolutionary line in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

By following these steps and leveling up your Jangmo-o, you can evolve it into the powerful Dragon/Fighting-type Pokemon, Kommo-o. Good luck on your journey to evolve your Jangmo-o!

Locations to find Jangmo-o

Poni Grove

Poni Grove is a great location to find Jangmo-o in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This lush grove is home to a variety of different Pokemon, including the elusive Jangmo-o. Keep an eye out for rustling grass patches, as Jangmo-o is known to appear in these areas. Make sure to bring plenty of Pokeballs and be prepared for a battle, as Jangmo-o can be a tough Pokemon to catch.

Vast Poni Canyon

Another excellent location to find Jangmo-o is in Vast Poni Canyon. This expansive canyon is teeming with all sorts of Pokemon, including the powerful Jangmo-o. Keep an eye out for Jangmo-o roaming around the canyon, and be prepared for a challenging battle. Make sure to stock up on supplies before heading to Vast Poni Canyon, as you never know what challenges you may face along the way.

Tips for evolving Jangmo-o

Train Jangmo-o in battles

One of the most effective ways to evolve Jangmo-o in Pokemon Sun and Moon is to actively train it in battles. By engaging in battles and gaining experience points, Jangmo-o will eventually level up and evolve into Hakamo-o and then into Kommo-o. Make sure to include Jangmo-o in your battle lineup and participate in as many battles as possible to speed up the evolution process.

Use items like Rare Candies

Another useful tip for evolving Jangmo-o is to use items like Rare Candies. Rare Candies are rare items that instantly level up a Pokemon by one level when used. By giving Rare Candies to Jangmo-o, you can quickly increase its level and trigger its evolution. Keep an eye out for Rare Candies throughout your journey in Pokemon Sun and Moon to help evolve Jangmo-o faster.

Utilize Exp. Share

Exp. Share is a valuable item in Pokemon Sun and Moon that allows all Pokemon in your party to gain experience points from battles, even if they did not participate in the battle. By utilizing Exp. Share, you can ensure that Jangmo-o is constantly gaining experience points and leveling up, ultimately leading to its evolution. Make sure to keep Exp. Share activated while training Jangmo-o to speed up the evolution process.

In conclusion, evolving Jangmo-o in Pokemon Sun and Moon requires patience and careful planning. By leveling up this dragon-type Pokemon and ensuring it reaches the necessary level to evolve into Hakamo-o and then into Kommo-o, trainers can unlock its full potential in battles. With the right strategy and dedication, Jangmo-o can become a formidable ally in the Alola region. So, get out there and start training your Jangmo-o today!

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