Evolving Purrloin into Liepard: A Beginner’s Guide

Evolving Purrloin into Liepard: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you a Pokémon trainer looking to take your Purrloin to the next level? In this beginner’s guide, we will walk you through the steps to evolve your Purrloin into the sleek and powerful Liepard. From leveling up strategies to evolution stones, we have all the tips and tricks you need to succeed in evolving your Purrloin into a formidable Liepard. Let’s dive in and unleash the full potential of your Pokémon!

Understanding Purrloin and Liepard

What are Purrloin and Liepard?

Purrloin and Liepard are two Dark-type Pokémon species in the popular Pokémon franchise. Purrloin is the pre-evolved form of Liepard and is known for its mischievous and cunning nature. Liepard, on the other hand, is a sleek and agile Pokémon known for its speed and stealth.

Differences between Purrloin and Liepard

One of the main differences between Purrloin and Liepard is their appearance. Purrloin is a small, purple cat-like Pokémon with a mischievous expression, while Liepard is larger and has a more sophisticated and sleek appearance. In terms of stats, Liepard has higher base stats in speed, attack, and special attack compared to Purrloin.

Evolution process from Purrloin to Liepard

In order to evolve Purrloin into Liepard, you need to level up Purrloin to at least level 20. Once Purrloin reaches level 20, it will automatically evolve into Liepard. During the evolution process, Purrloin will undergo a transformation and become Liepard, gaining increased stats and new abilities.

Overall, evolving Purrloin into Liepard is a rewarding experience for any Pokémon trainer looking to add a powerful Dark-type Pokémon to their team.

Preparing Purrloin for Evolution

Before evolving your Purrloin into Liepard, it’s important to ensure that your Purrloin is ready for the evolution process. Here are some tips on how to prepare your Purrloin for evolution:

Leveling up Purrloin

One of the most common ways to evolve a Purrloin into Liepard is by leveling up. By gaining experience points in battles, Purrloin will eventually reach the required level for evolution. Make sure to engage in battles frequently to help Purrloin level up faster.

Using evolution stones

Another way to evolve Purrloin into Liepard is by using evolution stones. In this case, you will need a specific evolution stone that is compatible with Purrloin’s evolution. Once you have the evolution stone, simply use it on Purrloin to trigger the evolution process.

Pokemon training tips

In addition to leveling up and using evolution stones, proper Pokemon training is essential for evolving Purrloin into Liepard. Make sure to provide Purrloin with a balanced diet, plenty of rest, and regular training sessions to help it grow stronger and evolve successfully. Additionally, consider teaching Purrloin new moves and strategies to improve its battle performance. With the right training and care, your Purrloin will be ready to evolve into the sleek and powerful Liepard.

Strategies for Using Liepard

Moveset recommendations

When evolving Purrloin into Liepard, it’s important to consider the moveset that will best suit your gameplay style. Some recommended moves for Liepard include:

  1. Foul Play – This move takes advantage of Liepard’s higher Attack stat and deals damage based on the opponent’s Attack stat.
  2. Substitute – Creating a Substitute can give Liepard a buffer against incoming attacks and allow it to set up other moves or status conditions.
  3. Encore – This move can lock opponents into using the same move for several turns, giving Liepard the opportunity to predict their next move and counter effectively.
  4. Nasty Plot – Boosting Liepard’s Special Attack stat can make it a formidable special attacker, especially when combined with Dark-type moves like Dark Pulse.

Competitive battling tactics

In competitive battles, Liepard can be a valuable team member due to its ability to disrupt opponents and set up for other Pokémon. Some tactics to consider when using Liepard in competitive battles include:

  1. Prankster Ability – Liepard’s Prankster Ability gives priority to non-damaging moves, allowing it to set up status conditions like Thunder Wave or Taunt before the opponent can act.
  2. Baton Pass – Liepard can use Baton Pass to pass stat boosts to teammates, making it a valuable support Pokémon in double battles or when setting up a sweeper.
  3. Sucker Punch – Liepard’s Sucker Punch move can deal damage to opponents who use attacking moves, even if they have higher Speed stats.

Training Liepard for specific roles

Depending on the role you want Liepard to fulfill in your team, you may want to consider different EV spreads and movesets. For example:

  1. Support Liepard – If you want Liepard to focus on setting up entry hazards and disrupting opponents with status moves, you may want to invest in HP and Speed EVs to ensure it can outspeed opponents and set up its moves effectively.
  2. Sweeper Liepard – Alternatively, if you want Liepard to be a fast and powerful attacker, you may want to invest in Attack or Special Attack EVs, depending on the moveset you choose.

By tailoring Liepard’s training to its intended role on your team, you can maximize its effectiveness in battle.


In conclusion, evolving Purrloin into Liepard is a rewarding process that can enhance your Pokémon team’s strength and versatility. By following this beginner’s guide and understanding the evolution mechanics, you can successfully evolve your Purrloin into a powerful Liepard. Remember to train your Liepard diligently and utilize its unique abilities in battles to maximize its potential. With dedication and strategic gameplay, your Liepard can become a valuable asset in your Pokémon journey. So, take the first step today and start evolving your Purrloin into the fierce and agile Liepard!

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