Evolving Hakamo-o: A Trainer’s Handbook for Pokemon Trainers

Evolving Hakamo-o: A Trainer’s Handbook for Pokemon Trainers

Are you a Pokemon Trainer looking to take your Hakamo-o to the next level? Look no further! This comprehensive handbook is your ultimate guide to evolving your Hakamo-o into a powerful Kommo-o. From training tips to battle strategies, this article will provide you with everything you need to know to successfully evolve your Hakamo-o and dominate the Pokemon world. Let’s get started on your journey to becoming a Pokemon Master!

Understanding Hakamo-o’s Evolutionary Line

Hakamo-o is a Dragon/Fighting type Pokémon that evolves from Jangmo-o and evolves into Kommo-o. This evolutionary line is known for its strong fighting abilities and dragon-like appearance.

Hakamo-o: The middle evolution

Hakamo-o is the second stage in the evolutionary line of Jangmo-o. It is a powerful Pokémon that specializes in physical attacks and has the ability to learn a variety of moves such as Dragon Dance, Sky Uppercut, and Clanging Scales. Hakamo-o’s appearance is characterized by its armored scales and signature scaly mohawk.

Jangmo-o: The pre-evolution

Jangmo-o is the first stage in the evolutionary line of this powerful Pokémon. It is a small Dragon type Pokémon that is known for its determination and resilience. Jangmo-o is characterized by its blue and yellow scales and has the potential to evolve into the mighty Hakamo-o.

Kommo-o: The final evolution

Kommo-o is the final stage in the evolutionary line of this powerful Pokémon. It is a Dragon/Fighting type Pokémon that is known for its strong defensive capabilities and powerful attacks. Kommo-o has the ability to learn moves such as Close Combat, Dragon Claw, and Clanging Scales. Its appearance is reminiscent of a dragon warrior with its armored scales and intimidating presence.

Trainers who are looking to train and evolve Hakamo-o should focus on leveling up Jangmo-o and teaching it a variety of powerful moves to help it evolve into the formidable Kommo-o. With dedication and training, trainers can unlock the full potential of this evolutionary line and have a powerful ally in battles.

Training Tips for Hakamo-o

When training your Hakamo-o, it’s important to focus on enhancing its strengths and minimizing its weaknesses. Here are some tips to help you train your Hakamo-o effectively:

  • Focus on its Attack and Defense stats: Hakamo-o is a physical attacker with great defensive capabilities. Make sure to prioritize training these stats to maximize its potential in battles.

  • Teach it powerful physical moves: Hakamo-o excels in using physical moves, so it’s recommended to teach it moves such as Dragon Claw, Close Combat, and Iron Tail to make the most out of its abilities.

  • Increase its Speed: While Hakamo-o may not be the fastest Pokemon, training its Speed stat can help it outspeed opponents and land critical hits.

Recommended moveset

  • Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Claw
  • Close Combat
  • Iron Tail

Optimal training locations

To train your Hakamo-o effectively, consider visiting locations such as:

  • Mount Hokulani: This location provides a challenging terrain for Hakamo-o to train and improve its physical abilities.

  • Vast Poni Canyon: The rugged environment of Vast Poni Canyon offers a variety of opponents for Hakamo-o to battle and gain experience.

  • Poni Gauntlet: This challenging route is filled with strong trainers and wild Pokemon, making it an ideal training ground for Hakamo-o.

Effective battle strategies

When using Hakamo-o in battles, consider the following strategies:

  • Set up with Dragon Dance: Use Dragon Dance to boost Hakamo-o’s Attack and Speed stats, allowing it to sweep through opponents with ease.

  • Utilize its Dragon typing: Hakamo-o’s Dragon typing gives it an advantage against many types, so make sure to capitalize on this in battles.

  • Switch out strategically: If Hakamo-o is facing a type disadvantage, consider switching it out to preserve its health and bring it back in at a more opportune moment.

By following these training tips, moveset recommendations, training locations, and battle strategies, you’ll be able to maximize Hakamo-o’s potential as a powerful member of your Pokemon team.

Battling with Hakamo-o

Hakamo-o is a Dragon/Fighting type Pokemon, which gives it a unique advantage in battles. Its dual typing makes it resistant to common Fighting type weaknesses, while also providing it with strong STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves such as Dragon Claw and Close Combat.

Type advantages and disadvantages

As a Dragon/Fighting type, Hakamo-o has a 4x weakness to Fairy type moves. This makes it vulnerable to popular Fairy type Pokemon such as Gardevoir and Togekiss. However, Hakamo-o has a strong advantage against other Dragon types, as its Fighting type moves are super effective against them.

Team synergy with Hakamo-o

Hakamo-o pairs well with Pokemon that can cover its Fairy type weakness, such as Steel or Poison types. Pokemon like Ferrothorn or Toxapex can provide defensive support and cover Hakamo-o’s weaknesses, while also benefiting from its Dragon type attacks to break through opposing Fairy types.

Countering common weaknesses

To counter Hakamo-o’s Fairy type weakness, having a strong Poison or Steel type Pokemon on your team can help neutralize this vulnerability. Pokemon like Gengar or Excadrill can outspeed and hit Fairy types with super effective moves, while also providing coverage against other threats Hakamo-o may face.

By understanding Hakamo-o’s strengths and weaknesses, trainers can effectively utilize this powerful Pokemon in battles and develop strategies to overcome its common weaknesses.


In conclusion, understanding the evolution process of Hakamo-o is crucial for any Pokemon trainer looking to enhance their battle strategy and strengthen their team. By following the guidelines provided in this handbook, trainers can ensure that their Hakamo-o evolves into the powerful Kommo-o and reaches its full potential in battles. Remember to nurture your Hakamo-o, train it diligently, and provide it with the necessary support to facilitate a successful evolution. With dedication and perseverance, trainers can witness the growth and development of their Hakamo-o into a formidable force in the world of Pokemon battles.

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