Evolving Darkrai in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: A Trainer’s Handbook

Evolving Darkrai in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: A Trainer’s Handbook

Are you ready to take your Darkrai to the next level in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to evolve Darkrai and unleash its full potential. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer looking to add a powerful Dark-type Pokemon to your team or a newcomer eager to learn more about this mysterious creature, this handbook has everything you need to know. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets of evolving Darkrai!

Evolving Darkrai in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, evolving Darkrai can be a challenging but rewarding task for trainers. This guide will walk you through the steps to find Darkrai in the game, obtain the item needed for evolution, and complete the evolution process.

Finding Darkrai in the game

Darkrai is a legendary Pokemon that can be found in the Ultra Space Wilds. To encounter Darkrai, you will need to have a strong team of Pokemon and be prepared for a tough battle. Once you have located Darkrai, you will need to defeat it in battle before you can proceed to the next step.

Obtaining the item needed for evolution

To evolve Darkrai, you will need a special item called the "Darkinium Z". This item can be obtained by completing certain tasks or by defeating specific trainers in the game. Once you have obtained the Darkinium Z, you will be ready to begin the evolution process.

Completing the evolution process

With Darkrai in your party and the Darkinium Z in your possession, you are now ready to evolve Darkrai. Use the Darkinium Z item during a battle with Darkrai to trigger the evolution process. Watch as Darkrai transforms into its more powerful form, becoming an even more formidable ally in your Pokemon battles.

By following these steps and being persistent in your quest to evolve Darkrai, you will be able to unlock its full potential and add a powerful Pokemon to your team in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Happy training, trainers!

Darkrai’s Evolution Options

Darkrai, the pitch-black Pokémon known for its mysterious and elusive nature, has several evolution options in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Trainers can choose to evolve their Darkrai into three different forms, each with their own unique attributes and abilities.

Evolution into Darkrai-O

The first evolution option for Darkrai is evolving into Darkrai-O, also known as Darkrai-Origin Form. This form enhances Darkrai’s offensive capabilities, making it a formidable opponent in battles. Darkrai-O gains increased attack power and speed, allowing it to quickly outmaneuver and defeat its adversaries. Trainers who prefer a more aggressive playstyle may find Darkrai-O to be the perfect evolution choice.

Evolution into Darkrai-D

Alternatively, trainers can choose to evolve Darkrai into Darkrai-D, or Darkrai-Defense Form. This form focuses on enhancing Darkrai’s defensive capabilities, making it a sturdy and resilient Pokémon in battles. Darkrai-D gains increased defense and special defense stats, allowing it to withstand even the toughest of attacks. Trainers who prefer a more defensive playstyle may find Darkrai-D to be the ideal evolution option.

Evolution into Darkrai-A

Lastly, trainers can opt to evolve Darkrai into Darkrai-A, or Darkrai-Agility Form. This form enhances Darkrai’s speed and agility, making it a swift and nimble Pokémon in battles. Darkrai-A gains increased speed and evasion stats, allowing it to outmaneuver opponents with ease. Trainers who value speed and agility in battles may find Darkrai-A to be the perfect evolution choice.

In conclusion, Darkrai’s evolution options in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon offer trainers a variety of strategic choices to tailor their Darkrai to their preferred playstyle. Whether focusing on offense, defense, or agility, trainers can evolve Darkrai into a form that best suits their battle tactics and preferences.

Training Darkrai for Battle

When it comes to preparing Darkrai for battles in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there are a few key elements to consider. From choosing the right moveset to optimizing its stats, a well-trained Darkrai can be a formidable opponent in any battle.

Choosing the right moveset

Darkrai has access to a wide range of powerful moves, so selecting the right moveset is crucial for maximizing its potential in battles. Moves such as Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Focus Blast are popular choices for Darkrai, as they provide both coverage and power. Additionally, moves like Nasty Plot can boost Darkrai’s Special Attack, making it even more threatening to opponents.

Optimizing Darkrai’s stats

In order to make the most of Darkrai’s potential in battles, it’s important to optimize its stats. Darkrai is known for its high Special Attack and Speed stats, so focusing on maximizing these stats can make it a fast and powerful attacker. EV training Darkrai in Special Attack and Speed can further enhance its strengths, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Strategies for using Darkrai in battles

When using Darkrai in battles, it’s important to capitalize on its strengths as a fast and powerful Special Attacker. Darkrai’s ability, Bad Dreams, can also chip away at opponents’ HP over time, making it a formidable presence on the battlefield. Utilizing Darkrai’s speed to outpace opponents and strike quickly with powerful Special Attacks can help secure victories in battles.

Overall, with the right moveset, optimized stats, and strategic gameplay, Darkrai can be a valuable asset in battles in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. By training Darkrai effectively, trainers can unleash its full potential and dominate opponents in battles.


In conclusion, evolving Darkrai in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon can be a challenging yet rewarding experience for trainers. By following the steps outlined in this handbook, trainers can successfully evolve their Darkrai into its powerful form and unleash its full potential in battles. With Darkrai by their side, trainers will be well-equipped to take on any challenge that comes their way in the Alola region. So, gear up, trainers, and get ready to embark on an exciting journey with Darkrai by your side!

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