Evolving Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum: Tips and Tricks

Evolving Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum: Tips and Tricks

Are you struggling to evolve your Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to successfully evolve your Darkrai and unleash its full potential in the game. From the best strategies to the most efficient methods, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to become a Darkrai evolution master!

Understanding Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum

Darkrai is a powerful Dark-type Pokemon known for its mysterious and shadowy appearance. It is considered a legendary Pokemon and can be a valuable addition to your team in Pokemon Platinum. Understanding Darkrai’s stats and abilities is key to utilizing it effectively in battles.

Darkrai’s Stats and Abilities

Darkrai has impressive stats, with high Special Attack and Speed making it a formidable special attacker. Its ability, Bad Dreams, causes sleeping opponents to lose HP every turn, adding to its strategic advantage in battles. Darkrai’s movepool includes powerful Dark-type moves like Dark Pulse and Dark Void, as well as coverage moves like Thunderbolt and Focus Blast.

How to Obtain Darkrai

In Pokemon Platinum, Darkrai can be obtained through a special event or by using a Member’s Card item obtained through a Nintendo event. Once you have the Member’s Card, you can access the abandoned inn in Canalave City where Darkrai will appear at level 50. Be prepared for a challenging battle, as Darkrai is a strong opponent that can put up a fight.

Overall, Darkrai is a valuable addition to any Pokemon Platinum team, with its high stats, unique abilities, and powerful moveset. Understanding how to effectively utilize Darkrai in battles can give you an edge in your Pokemon journey.

Evolving Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum

In Pokemon Platinum, Darkrai is a powerful and elusive Pokemon that many trainers strive to obtain and evolve. Evolving Darkrai requires specific conditions to be met, but with the right strategy and determination, you can add this formidable Pokemon to your team.

Requirements for Evolving Darkrai

To evolve Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum, you must first have caught Darkrai in the game. Darkrai can be found in the Turnback Cave, but it is not an easy Pokemon to catch. Once you have Darkrai in your possession, you will need to level it up to evolve it into its final form.

Evolving Darkrai with Special Items

One way to evolve Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum is by using special items. Items such as the Reaper Cloth or the Dusk Stone can be used to trigger Darkrai’s evolution. These items can be found throughout the game or purchased at certain shops. By using these items on Darkrai, you can expedite the evolution process and unleash its full potential.

Evolving Darkrai through Battle

Another way to evolve Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum is through battle. By engaging in battles and leveling up Darkrai through experience points, you can naturally evolve it into its final form. This method may take more time and effort, but it allows you to strengthen Darkrai’s skills and abilities through combat.

In conclusion, evolving Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum requires careful planning and execution. By meeting the necessary requirements, utilizing special items, and engaging in battles, you can evolve Darkrai into a formidable Pokemon that will enhance your team’s strength and versatility. Good luck on your journey to evolve Darkrai and become a Pokemon Master!

Tips and Tricks for Using Darkrai

Darkrai is a powerful Dark-type Pokemon known for its elusive and mysterious nature. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of using Darkrai in your battles:

Optimal Moveset for Darkrai

When it comes to Darkrai’s moveset, there are a few key moves that you’ll want to consider. Some popular choices include Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, and Thunderbolt. These moves provide Darkrai with a good mix of STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and coverage against a variety of Pokemon types.

Effective Strategies for Battles

One effective strategy for using Darkrai in battles is to take advantage of its high Speed stat and ability to put opponents to sleep with moves like Dark Void. By putting your opponent to sleep, you can gain the upper hand and control the pace of the battle. Additionally, Darkrai’s Dark typing gives it an advantage against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokemon, allowing it to deal super effective damage.

Utilizing Darkrai in Competitive Play

In competitive play, Darkrai is a popular choice for its versatility and strong offensive capabilities. To maximize Darkrai’s potential in competitive battles, consider pairing it with Pokemon that can cover its weaknesses, such as Fighting or Fairy types. Additionally, utilizing Darkrai’s ability to put opponents to sleep can give you a strategic advantage and help secure victories in tough battles.

By following these tips and tricks, you can make the most out of using Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum and dominate your opponents in battles.


In conclusion, evolving Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum can be a challenging but rewarding experience for any trainer. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, such as obtaining the Member’s Card and visiting Newmoon Island, you can add this powerful and elusive Pokemon to your team. With Darkrai’s unique abilities and formidable stats, it can be a valuable asset in battles and help you overcome tough opponents. So, don’t hesitate to embark on this adventure and unlock the full potential of Darkrai in your Pokemon Platinum journey.

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