Evolution Tips for Turning Dedenne into Heliolisk in Pokemon Sword

Evolution Tips for Turning Dedenne into Heliolisk in Pokemon Sword

Are you looking to evolve your Dedenne into a powerful Heliolisk in Pokemon Sword? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with expert tips and strategies to help you successfully evolve your Dedenne into a formidable Heliolisk. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Pokemon trainer, this guide will give you the information you need to level up your Dedenne and take on the world of Pokemon Sword with confidence. Read on to discover the best evolution tips for turning Dedenne into Heliolisk in Pokemon Sword.

Overview of Dedenne and Heliolisk in Pokemon Sword

1.1. Dedenne’s strengths and weaknesses

Dedenne is an Electric/Fairy type Pokemon known for its cute appearance and unique typing. Its strengths lie in its high Speed and Special Attack stats, making it a fast and powerful attacker. However, Dedenne’s weaknesses include its low defenses and vulnerability to Ground-type moves.

1.2. Heliolisk’s evolution requirements

To evolve Dedenne into Heliolisk in Pokemon Sword, you will need to level up Dedenne while it knows the move "Thunder Stone". Once Dedenne reaches the required level and knows the specific move, it will evolve into Heliolisk, a powerful Electric/Normal type Pokemon with strong Special Attack and Speed stats.

2. Evolution Tips for Turning Dedenne into Heliolisk

2.1. Leveling up Dedenne efficiently

When trying to evolve Dedenne into Heliolisk, it’s important to focus on leveling up efficiently. Make sure to prioritize battles with higher level opponents to gain more experience points. Utilize EXP share items to evenly distribute experience among your Pokemon team, ensuring that Dedenne is gaining levels consistently.

2.2. Using evolutionary items

To evolve Dedenne into Heliolisk, you will need to use a Thunder Stone. Make sure to have this evolutionary item in your inventory before attempting to evolve Dedenne. Use the Thunder Stone on Dedenne when it reaches the appropriate level to trigger the evolution into Heliolisk.

2.3. Training Dedenne for optimal evolution

In order to optimize Dedenne’s evolution into Heliolisk, focus on training its stats that are relevant to Heliolisk’s strengths. Heliolisk is known for its speed and special attack abilities, so prioritize training Dedenne in these areas through battles and using appropriate training items. By focusing on these key stats, you can ensure that Dedenne evolves into a powerful Heliolisk.

3. Battling Strategies with Heliolisk

3.1. Heliolisk’s movepool analysis

When using Heliolisk in battles, it’s important to understand its movepool to maximize its potential. Heliolisk has access to a variety of moves such as Thunderbolt, Hyper Voice, Volt Switch, and Grass Knot. Thunderbolt is a great STAB move that can deal significant damage to Water and Flying type Pokemon. Hyper Voice is another strong move that hits multiple opponents in double battles. Volt Switch allows Heliolisk to pivot out of unfavorable matchups, while Grass Knot is useful for dealing with bulky Water and Ground types. By carefully selecting moves that cover Heliolisk’s weaknesses, you can create a formidable battling strategy.

3.2. Building a competitive Heliolisk team

In order to make the most of Heliolisk’s strengths, it’s important to build a well-rounded team that complements its abilities. Heliolisk works well with Pokemon that can cover its weaknesses to Rock, Dragon, and Ground type moves. Consider pairing Heliolisk with Pokemon that can take on these threats, such as Ferrothorn, Garchomp, or Rotom-Wash. Additionally, Heliolisk’s ability, Dry Skin, makes it immune to Water type moves and allows it to recover HP in the rain. Taking advantage of this ability by including a Pokemon that can set up rain, such as Pelipper or Politoed, can greatly enhance Heliolisk’s survivability in battles. By carefully selecting teammates that complement Heliolisk’s strengths and cover its weaknesses, you can build a competitive team that is capable of taking on any opponent.


In conclusion, evolving Dedenne into Heliolisk in Pokemon Sword can be a rewarding and exciting experience for any player. By following these tips and strategies, such as leveling up Dedenne in specific areas and using the Thunder Stone item, trainers can successfully evolve their Pokemon into the powerful Electric/Normal-type Heliolisk. With its unique abilities and moveset, Heliolisk is sure to become a valuable asset to any team. So, grab your Thunder Stone and start evolving your Dedenne into Heliolisk today!

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