Efficient Methods to Get Lapras in Pokemon Go

Efficient Methods to Get Lapras in Pokemon Go

Are you tired of searching high and low for Lapras in Pokemon Go? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the most efficient methods to catch this elusive Water/Ice-type Pokemon. From tips on where to find Lapras spawns to strategies for increasing your chances of encountering one, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to endless wandering and hello to adding Lapras to your Pokemon collection in no time!

Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs is one of the most efficient ways to obtain Lapras in Pokemon Go. By walking a certain distance, you can hatch eggs that have a chance of containing a Lapras. Here are some methods to increase your chances of hatching a Lapras:

1.1. 10 km Eggs

Lapras has a higher chance of being hatched from 10 km eggs compared to other egg distances. Make sure to prioritize hatching these eggs to increase your chances of getting a Lapras.

1.2. Adventure Sync

Utilize the Adventure Sync feature in Pokemon Go to track your steps even when the app is not open. By reaching certain distance milestones, you can earn rewards such as eggs that may contain Lapras.

1.3. Incubators

Invest in additional incubators to hatch multiple eggs simultaneously. This will increase your chances of obtaining a Lapras from one of the eggs being hatched. Make sure to use your limited-use incubators wisely to maximize your chances.

Raid Battles

Raid Battles are a great way to encounter and catch rare Pokemon like Lapras in Pokemon Go. By participating in raids, players have the opportunity to team up with others and take down powerful Raid Bosses.

2.1 Lapras Raids

Lapras can be found in Tier 3 and Tier 4 Raid Battles. These raids require a group of players to work together to defeat the Raid Boss. Lapras is a Water and Ice type Pokemon, so it’s recommended to bring along Electric and Fighting type Pokemon to have an advantage in battle.

2.2 Coordinating with Players

To increase your chances of successfully completing a Lapras Raid, it’s important to coordinate with other players. Joining local Pokemon Go communities or using online platforms like Discord can help you find other trainers who are also interested in raiding for Lapras. By working together and communicating effectively, you can form a strong raiding team.

2.3 Remote Raids

If you’re unable to physically attend a Raid Battle, you can still participate in Remote Raids. With Remote Raid Passes, you can join raids from a distance and help defeat Raid Bosses like Lapras. This is a convenient option for players who may not have access to many gyms or are unable to leave their current location.

By utilizing Raid Battles and coordinating with other players, you can efficiently increase your chances of encountering and catching Lapras in Pokemon Go.

3. Research Tasks

3.1. Field Research

One efficient method to encounter Lapras in Pokemon Go is through completing Field Research tasks. These tasks can be obtained by spinning PokeStops and Gyms, and they often reward players with encounters with various Pokemon, including Lapras. Keep an eye out for Field Research tasks that specifically mention Lapras as a reward, and make sure to complete them to increase your chances of encountering this rare Water/Ice-type Pokemon.

3.2. Special Research

Another way to potentially get Lapras in Pokemon Go is through Special Research tasks. These tasks are usually tied to specific in-game events or activities, and they offer players the opportunity to complete a series of objectives in exchange for rewards, which may include encountering Lapras. Stay updated on any new Special Research tasks that are introduced in the game, as they could be your ticket to adding Lapras to your collection.

3.3. Community Day

Participating in Community Day events can also be a fruitful way to get Lapras in Pokemon Go. During these special events, certain Pokemon, including Lapras, are more commonly encountered in the wild. Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming Community Day events and make sure to participate to increase your chances of finding and catching Lapras. Additionally, taking advantage of any event-specific bonuses or features during Community Day can further enhance your chances of encountering this elusive Pokemon.

4. Trading and Gifting

Trading and gifting are two efficient methods to obtain Lapras in Pokemon Go. By leveraging these features, players can increase their chances of adding this rare Pokemon to their collection.

4.1. Regional Trades

One way to acquire Lapras through trading is by engaging in regional trades. Players can connect with others from different regions to trade Pokemon that are exclusive to their respective areas. Lapras is known to spawn more frequently in certain regions, so trading with players from those areas can greatly increase the likelihood of obtaining one.

4.2. Gifting Strategy

Another effective method is to utilize the gifting feature in Pokemon Go. By sending and receiving gifts from friends, players can potentially receive rare Pokemon such as Lapras. It is important to consistently send gifts to build up friendship levels, as higher friendship levels increase the chances of receiving rare Pokemon through gifting.

4.3. Trading Events

Participating in trading events can also provide opportunities to obtain Lapras. Niantic occasionally hosts events that focus on trading, offering bonuses and incentives for players to engage in trades. These events can be a great way to connect with other players and trade for rare Pokemon like Lapras. Keep an eye out for upcoming trading events to maximize your chances of adding Lapras to your collection.

5. Events and Spawns

5.1. Water Festivals

One of the best times to try and catch a Lapras in Pokemon Go is during Water Festivals. These events typically increase the spawn rates of water-type Pokemon, including Lapras. Keep an eye out for announcements from Niantic about upcoming Water Festivals and make sure to take advantage of increased Lapras spawns during these events.

5.2. Nest Locations

Lapras can also be found in specific nest locations, although they are relatively rare. Nests are areas where a particular Pokemon spawns more frequently than usual. Keep an eye on online forums and social media groups dedicated to Pokemon Go to find out if there are any Lapras nests near you. Visit these nests regularly to increase your chances of encountering a Lapras.

5.3. Weather Boosts

Certain weather conditions can boost the spawn rates of specific Pokemon types, including Lapras. Keep an eye on the in-game weather feature to see if there are any weather conditions that increase the likelihood of encountering Lapras. For example, snowy weather boosts ice-type Pokemon spawns, which includes Lapras. Take advantage of these weather boosts to increase your chances of finding a Lapras in the wild.


In conclusion, there are several efficient methods to acquire Lapras in Pokemon Go. By participating in special events, completing research tasks, hatching eggs, or trading with other players, trainers have multiple opportunities to add this rare and powerful Pokemon to their collection. By utilizing these methods and staying persistent in their efforts, players can increase their chances of encountering Lapras and adding it to their team. With dedication and a bit of luck, any trainer can have a Lapras of their own to train and battle with in the world of Pokemon Go.

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