Doublade Evolution Guide: Unlocking Its Potential

Doublade Evolution Guide: Unlocking Its Potential

Are you ready to take your Doublade to the next level and unleash its full potential in battles? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Doublade’s evolution, including the best strategies to optimize its stats and abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer looking to enhance your team’s lineup or a newcomer hoping to make the most out of your Doublade, this guide is perfect for all levels of expertise. Let’s dive in and unlock the true power of Doublade!

Understanding Doublade Evolution

Origins of Doublade

Doublade is a dual-type Steel/Ghost Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VI. It is the evolved form of Honedge and evolves from it when exposed to a Dusk Stone. Doublade is known for its unique design of two swords that are possessed by spirits.

Evolution Requirements

In order to evolve Honedge into Doublade, you will need to have a Dusk Stone in your inventory. Once you have the Dusk Stone, simply use it on Honedge and it will evolve into Doublade. It is important to note that Honedge must reach level 35 before it can evolve into Doublade.

Benefits of Doublade Evolution

Evolution into Doublade brings several benefits to trainers. Doublade has higher base stats compared to Honedge, making it a stronger and more versatile Pokémon in battles. It also gains access to new moves and abilities that can be crucial in defeating opponents. Additionally, Doublade’s dual typing of Steel and Ghost gives it a unique advantage against different types of Pokémon, making it a valuable addition to any team.

Training Doublade for Evolution

When it comes to training Doublade for evolution, it’s important to focus on maximizing its potential in battle. Doublade evolves from the Pokemon Honedge at level 35, so it’s crucial to ensure that it reaches this level in order to evolve.

Optimal Moveset

For Doublade, an optimal moveset can greatly enhance its performance in battles. Some recommended moves for Doublade include Sacred Sword, Iron Head, Shadow Sneak, and Swords Dance. These moves can help Doublade deal significant damage to its opponents and increase its chances of success in battles.

Leveling Up Strategies

To level up Doublade efficiently, it’s important to engage in battles regularly and take advantage of experience-boosting items such as Exp. Share. Additionally, participating in battles against strong opponents and utilizing Doublade’s strengths in battle can help it level up quickly and reach the evolution level of 35.

Evolving Doublade into Aegislash

Once Doublade reaches level 35, it will evolve into the powerful Pokemon Aegislash. Aegislash is known for its impressive defensive capabilities and strong offensive moves. To evolve Doublade into Aegislash, simply ensure that Doublade reaches level 35 and it will automatically evolve during the leveling up process. Aegislash is a formidable Pokemon that can greatly enhance your team’s strength in battles.

Unlocking Doublade’s Full Potential

Doublade is a powerful Steel/Ghost-type Pokemon that has great potential in competitive battles. By understanding its strengths and weaknesses, you can unlock its full potential and dominate the battlefield.

Competitive Battling Tips

  • Use Doublade’s high Attack and Defense stats to your advantage. Its ability, No Guard, ensures that all attacks hit, making it a formidable opponent.
  • Teach Doublade powerful moves like Iron Head and Sacred Sword to deal massive damage to your opponents.
  • Consider giving Doublade an Eviolite to boost its already impressive defenses and make it even harder to take down.

Synergies with Other Pokemon

  • Pair Doublade with Pokemon that can cover its weaknesses, such as Fire or Dark-types. A good example would be Arcanine, who can handle Fairy-types that Doublade struggles against.
  • Utilize Pokemon with entry hazards like Stealth Rock or Spikes to wear down your opponent’s team and make it easier for Doublade to sweep.

Maximizing Doublade’s Abilities

  • Take advantage of Doublade’s ability, No Guard, by teaching it moves that have low accuracy but high power. This ensures that your attacks always hit.
  • Consider using a Trick Room team to maximize Doublade’s potential. Its low Speed stat can be turned into an advantage under Trick Room, allowing it to move first and hit hard.

By following these tips and strategies, you can unlock Doublade’s full potential and become a force to be reckoned with in competitive battles.


In conclusion, understanding the evolution process of Doublade and unlocking its full potential can greatly enhance its effectiveness in battles. By following the steps outlined in this guide and being strategic in your approach, you can maximize Doublade’s strengths and make it a formidable force on the battlefield. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer looking to improve your team or a beginner interested in exploring new possibilities, mastering Doublade’s evolution is a worthwhile endeavor that can lead to great success in your Pokemon journey.

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