Best Heroes for Split Pushing in Dota 2: Mode Insights

Best Heroes for Split Pushing in Dota 2: Mode Insights

Are you looking to dominate the game with your split pushing strategies in Dota 2? Look no further! In this article, we will dive into the best heroes for split pushing in Dota 2 and provide you with valuable insights on how to effectively utilize them in your gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to enhance your split pushing skills or a beginner wanting to learn more about this strategic aspect of the game, this article is sure to provide you with the information you need to succeed. Let’s explore the world of split pushing in Dota 2 and take your gameplay to the next level!

Top Split Pushing Heroes in Dota 2

Nature’s Prophet

Nature’s Prophet is a top pick for split pushing in Dota 2 due to his ability to teleport across the map with his ultimate, Wrath of Nature. This allows him to apply pressure on multiple lanes simultaneously, forcing the enemy team to spread out or risk losing towers. Additionally, Nature’s Prophet’s treants are excellent at quickly pushing lanes and taking down towers.

Lone Druid

Lone Druid is another strong split pushing hero in Dota 2, thanks to his ability to summon a powerful bear that can easily push lanes and take down towers. Lone Druid can also split push effectively himself, as he can switch between his ranged and melee form to deal with different threats. His ability to quickly clear waves and escape from danger makes him a nightmare for the enemy team to deal with.


Broodmother is a specialist in split pushing in Dota 2, as she can quickly spawn spiderlings to push lanes and take down towers. Her ability to move through trees and create spider webs allows her to navigate the map easily and avoid detection. Broodmother excels at creating chaos in the enemy base, forcing them to respond to her split pushing while her team takes objectives elsewhere.

Key Strategies for Effective Split Pushing

Map Awareness

One of the most important aspects of split pushing in Dota 2 is having excellent map awareness. This means constantly keeping an eye on the minimap to see where enemy heroes are located and where they are moving. By having a good understanding of the enemy’s movements, a split pusher can avoid getting caught out and potentially being killed. Additionally, map awareness allows the split pusher to identify opportunities to apply pressure on lanes that are not being defended, creating space for their team to make plays elsewhere on the map.

Communication with Teammates

Communication with teammates is crucial when it comes to split pushing. It’s important for the split pusher to inform their team of their intentions so that they can adjust their own gameplay accordingly. For example, if the split pusher draws multiple enemy heroes to defend against their push, their team can capitalize on the numerical advantage by initiating a team fight or taking objectives elsewhere on the map. Additionally, teammates can provide valuable information about enemy movements and help coordinate ganks or rotations to support the split pusher.

Itemization for Split Pushing

Choosing the right items is essential for a successful split pushing strategy. Items that enhance mobility, survivability, and pushing power are key for split pushers. For example, items like Boots of Travel, Blink Dagger, and Black King Bar can help split pushers escape from dangerous situations or initiate pushes more effectively. Additionally, items like Manta Style, Desolator, and Assault Cuirass can increase a split pusher’s pushing power and ability to take down towers quickly. By carefully selecting the right items, split pushers can maximize their effectiveness and create pressure on multiple lanes simultaneously.

Benefits and Risks of Split Pushing

Pros of Split Pushing

  • Pressure on Multiple Lanes: Split pushing forces the enemy team to spread out to defend multiple lanes, making it harder for them to coordinate.
  • Map Control: By pushing out lanes, split pushers create space on the map and limit the enemy team’s ability to move around freely.
  • Objective Control: Split pushing can create opportunities to take down towers, barracks, or even the enemy base while the enemy is distracted.

Cons of Split Pushing

  • Risk of Getting Caught: Split pushers are often alone in a lane, making them vulnerable to ganks and pick-offs by the enemy team.
  • Lack of Teamfight Presence: While split pushing, the rest of the team is at a disadvantage in teamfights, potentially leading to unfavorable engagements.
  • Resource Allocation: Split pushing requires resources such as vision, map awareness, and communication, which can strain a team’s coordination.

Counterplay Against Split Pushing

  • Gank and Catch: The enemy team can send heroes to gank and catch out split pushers, preventing them from pushing effectively.
  • Defensive Items and Abilities: Heroes with strong wave clear and defensive abilities can stall the split push and buy time for their team to respond.
  • Split Push of Their Own: By applying pressure on other lanes or objectives, the enemy team can force the split pusher to defend, reducing their effectiveness.


In conclusion, split pushing in Dota 2 is a valuable strategy that can help create pressure on the map and force the enemy team to respond. In this article, we have discussed some of the best heroes for split pushing, including Nature’s Prophet, Anti-Mage, and Broodmother. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these heroes, as well as how to effectively split push with them, players can improve their gameplay and increase their chances of victory. Remember to communicate with your team, keep an eye on the minimap, and always be aware of the enemy’s movements to maximize the effectiveness of split pushing.

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