A Complete Guide to Evolving Hoopa in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

A Complete Guide to Evolving Hoopa in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Are you struggling to evolve your Hoopa in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to evolving your Hoopa and unlocking its full potential. From leveling up and mastering its moves to understanding its evolution requirements, we’ve got you covered. Read on to become a Hoopa evolution master in no time!

Understanding Hoopa in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Hoopa is a mythical Psychic/Ghost-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation VI. It has a unique form known as Hoopa Unbound when it holds the item Prison Bottle. Hoopa has an interesting design inspired by genie folklore and possesses powerful psychic abilities.

Hoopa’s basic stats

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 110
  • Defense: 60
  • Special Attack: 150
  • Special Defense: 130
  • Speed: 70

Hoopa excels in Special Attack and Special Defense, making it a formidable special attacker and tank in battles. Its Speed is decent, allowing it to outspeed some opponents.

Hoopa’s abilities

  1. Magician – This ability allows Hoopa to steal the held item of the opponent it hits with a move.
  2. Levitate – This ability grants Hoopa immunity to Ground-type moves, making it a great counter to Ground-type Pokemon.

Hoopa’s abilities provide it with strategic advantages in battles, allowing it to disrupt the opponent’s strategy and avoid certain types of attacks.

Hoopa’s type advantages and weaknesses

Hoopa’s Psychic/Ghost typing gives it several advantages and weaknesses:

  • Advantages:

    • Immune to Normal and Fighting-type moves.
    • Resistant to Psychic and Poison-type moves.
    • Super effective against Fighting and Poison-type Pokemon.
  • Weaknesses:

    • Weak to Dark and Ghost-type moves.
    • Vulnerable to Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon.

Understanding Hoopa’s type advantages and weaknesses is crucial in building a successful team and utilizing Hoopa effectively in battles.

How to Obtain Hoopa in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

There are a few different ways to obtain Hoopa in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

Event distribution

One of the most common ways to obtain Hoopa is through special event distributions. Keep an eye out for any announcements from the Pokemon Company or Nintendo about upcoming events where Hoopa may be available. These events often require players to visit a specific location or participate in certain activities to receive Hoopa.

Trading with other players

If you missed out on the event distribution or are having trouble finding Hoopa through other methods, consider trading with other players. You can use online trading platforms or visit local Pokemon trading events to see if anyone is willing to trade their Hoopa for a Pokemon you have.

Using special in-game methods

In some cases, Hoopa may be obtainable through special in-game methods within Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. This could involve completing certain tasks, solving puzzles, or interacting with specific characters in the game. Be sure to explore all areas of the game and talk to NPCs to uncover any hidden methods for obtaining Hoopa.

Evolving Hoopa in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Hoopa’s evolution process

Hoopa is a mythical Pokemon that does not evolve into any other form in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. It is a Psychic/Ghost type Pokemon with a unique appearance and powerful moves. Hoopa’s strength lies in its ability to use its signature move, Hyperspace Hole, to bypass the opponent’s defenses.

Items needed for evolution

Since Hoopa does not evolve in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, there are no specific items needed for its evolution. However, players can enhance Hoopa’s abilities by giving it items such as Choice Specs to boost its Special Attack or Leftovers to recover HP during battles.

Tips for evolving Hoopa efficiently

To make the most out of Hoopa in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, players should focus on training its Special Attack and Speed stats. Hoopa’s signature move, Hyperspace Hole, is a powerful special attack that can pierce through the opponent’s defenses. Additionally, pairing Hoopa with Pokemon that can cover its weaknesses, such as Dark or Ghost types, can make it a formidable team member in battles. Use Hoopa’s unique abilities and moves strategically to outsmart your opponents and emerge victorious in battles.


In conclusion, evolving Hoopa in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire may seem like a challenging task at first, but with the right strategies and dedication, trainers can successfully transform this mythical Pokemon into its powerful Unbound form. By following the steps outlined in this guide, trainers can enhance their gameplay experience and add a formidable ally to their team. Remember to utilize Hoopa’s unique abilities and strengths in battles, and continue to train and nurture this extraordinary Pokemon to reach its full potential. With Hoopa Unbound by your side, victory is within reach.

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